Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is an extremely rare bulldog. With only approximately 175 know Alapha Blue’s still in existence.

The Lane family of Rebecca, Georgia tried to revive the dying breed by starting a breeding kennel in the 1800′s. With little progress the Lane family ran the kennel until 2001 when it was sold.

The appearance of the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is stout and muscular body with a large head and drop ears. Average weight for a male is 65 to 90 pounds with a standing length of 19 to 26 inches. Alapha females average weight is 60 to 70 pounds with a standing length about the same as the male.

The Alapha Blue Blood Bulldog’s coat is short and has a fairly coarse feel to it. The most sought after coloring of the coat various from blue merle, brown merle, red merle with shades of white or chocolate. Preferred eye color is the blue that appear to almost be glass or see through.

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a perfect watch dog and easy trainable. They have a good temperament and react well around
children showing a protective attitude when danger alerts.

Alapha Blue Blood Bulldog prefers to be outdoors verse a small indoor house. They are active dogs and enjoy exercise and
playing. It is not a recommend breed for someone that will need to keep the dog inside a lot.

As far as health problems the Alapha Blue Blood Bulldog does not have many because of it’s pure blood line. Entropion is the most common heath problem but not a major health issue.

Entropion occurs when the eyelid is irritated and will begin to roll. This is easily treatable by minor surgery and it is
suggest to wait until the bulldog is an adult. If left untreated it could eventually lead to visual impairment from irritating the surface of the eye.

Alapha Blue Blood Bulldog’s make great companions for adults and children alike. They are low maintenance only requiring the
usual check ups, brushing of the teeth and occasional coat brushing.

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