American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a predecessor of the English Bulldog which originated in England. As will all bulldogs the American
Bulldog has a blood line dating back to England’s bull baiting.

The English Bulldog was eventually breed down to a smaller dog with a softer attitude. The American Bulldog however has
managed to remain bigger and more fierce in nature.

The sole reason that the American Bulldog is still in existence today belongs to John D. Johnson of Summerville, Georgia. He single handily revived this dying breed shortly after WWII. John D. Johnson scoured the south purchasing only best examples of the American Bulldog with the intention of increasing the American Bulldog population through breeding.

American Bulldog is a powerful stocky looking dog, longer legged than an English Bulldog. It weighs between 35 – 70 pounds
and spreads a distance of 20 – 28 inches at the withers. American bulldog has a squared shaped jaw that is extremely powerful
with sharp teeth.

The American Bulldog’s ear are naturally “floppy” but many have cropped ears. The coat of the American Bulldog is coarse and
fairly short short. The coat comes in various colors of brindle, red, white, tan and blue.

Contrary to popular belief the American Bulldog is generally a mild tempered family friendly breed. To ensure that the good
nature of the American Bulldog is exposed it is recommended that they are trained when they are young. They need to be
exposed to other dogs and people to keep them from becoming to protective. They tend to have a strong bond with their master
because of it’s guarding instincts.

The American Bulldog was breed for catching livestock and for protecting property. If you need an animal to guard your house
and one that is still family friendly this is a good choice.

As with other bull breeds hip dysplasia is a common health risk. Hip dysplasia is the result of abnormal
development of the hip joint while it was a puppy. Signs of hip dysplasia are limping, stiffing of the legs, bunny hopping
when walking and a loss of muscle tone.

You can expect the American bulldog to live longer than it’s English Counterpart, up to 17 years. A well maintained and properly trained American Bulldog can make an excellent family companion and great guard dog.

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