Australian Terrier

The Australian Terrier is a good dog for any occasion, including shows, living in the city, in an apartment or on a farm. IT is a very versatile breed that has an excellent attitude and is a good watch dog. The Australian Terrier has keen eyes and fine hearing. This dog is able to live in many climates and can adapt by shedding its coat according to the temperature.

As a small strong medium-sized work Terrier, it is long in proportion to height with stand up ears and a docked tail. Blue, brown, red and a mix of all of those are potential colors of the Australian Terrier. The males and the bitches stand at about 10 to 11 inches in height. The weight is relative to the height keeping in consideration that the Australian Terriers body is long and affects the weight as well. The Australian Terriers head is long as well as the body. The eyes are small and brown or black, and the darker the eye the better. The look of the Australian Terrier is one of smarts and intention. The nose is also generally black with some exceptions that are unacceptable in a show dog.

The neck and shoulders of the Australian Terrier are very strong and have levelness to them. The body is a strong structure with the chest being of full body. The front legs of the dogs are straight and even keeled when viewed from the front. The back legs are also strong but have a slight curvature to them when view from the back. The feet are small and feline like with arched toes and compact pads that are perfectly strai. The pads and the nails are short and strong and black. The coat of the Australian Terrier is very wiry and is straight as an arrow.

The general length of the coat is 2.5 inches all over the body with the exception of the tail and the rear to the legs. The undercoat of the Australian Terrier is softer than the coat of the body. The front legs of the dog move fast and the rear legs of the dog provide the power. The dogs can move at a fast trot, and can cover the ground at a grand stride.

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