Bedlington Terrier

When the Bedlington Terrier is relaxed it is calm and easy going and isn’t shaky or intimidated by people. When the dog is excited it is full of energy and is good for protection, it is a very alert dog that is aware of its surroundings. The Bedlington has a high endurance and can run at high speeds. The dogs were commonly involved in organized dog fights and would often fight to the death.

The head is narrow and cylinder shaped with rounded edges. The skull is short, but the jaw is long creating the cylinder look. The lips are black and blue in color for the most part with brown lips and mixed colors as well. The eyes are shaped like almonds and very small and deep in the skull. The eyes do not have an inclination to tear or water. The normal color of the eyes are dark blues, dark ambers, to hazel colors and a mix of all in between. The ears are triangular with round tips.
Bedlington Terrier have a thick and smooth in feel to their coat. There is a fine covering of hair on the ears and they have smooth feeling tips.

The nose has well defined nostrils that are large in size. The color of the nose is black, blue and brown depending on the color of the Bedlington Terriers coat. The body is very muscular and is very flexible. The legs are very strong as well and the tail is thick at the root and thinning towards the point of the tip. The colors of the coat are blue to silver to brown and a mix of all. The texture of the coat is both soft and hard and depending on the area of the body the hair differs in length. The general height for a male is 16.5 inches, and for bitches 15.5 inches.

The Bedlington Terrier has health problems associated with their eyes, and are in the area of cataracts or separation occurring in the eye. Blindness is not uncommon but can be treated with the appropriate testing and getting the proper information from a qualified breeder.

The Bedlington Terrier likes to go on long walks and appreciates a lot of activity. A Bedlington loves to play, fetch, run, and help with housework. The Bedlington Terrier is an entertaining, inquisitive and perceptive of their surroundings. The dogs enjoy families and are great with both young and old children. Bedlington Terriers are light and humorous outgoing in personality. In todays culture the use of this breed of dog as a hunter as it originated back in the 1700’s. This breed do have the aptitude to be hunters but are not utilized to their fullest abilities. Bedlington Terriers are easy to train and can adapt to any situation and are great companions for both young and old.

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