Border Terriers

Border Terriers are very intellectual and nice and have a great energy. They are very playful and are able to develop an independence much like a cat. The border terrier is an animal that is easy to train. Border Terriers are easy going and get along well with other dogs, and can develop friendships with dogs that they are in frequent contact with. The dogs need training in the beginning to learn proper social etiquette with other animals including large dogs. Joining a family is an easy step for a Border Terrier, and they are good with children because of their love to play. Border Terriers are able to join into any family young or old, and often lead the younger ones into getting into trouble.

If considering a friend for your Border Terrier, other Border Terriers, Spaniels or Collies are an excellent consideration. The Border Terriers have strong personalities and are considered the top dog in the dog friendship hierarchy. This rings true for older Border Terriers when a younger dog is added to the home or group of dog friends. Even if a larger mature dog is added, the Border Terrier will test its limits to try and assume the top dog position in the household..

The Border Terrier tends to enjoy chewing, and has a strong jaw. If toys are given to the dog, even the strongest don’t last long as the dogs can go right through them. If the dog latches onto anything in your house, be it a couch or a favorite shoe it will be destroyed and soon.

Border Terriers are dogs that have a long life span, and generally have few if any big health problems. This type of dog has a very low body fat percentile. When choosing a veterinarian owners should be aware that Border Terriers are sensitive to anesthesia, and problems could arise if not addressed early in the dog’s life.

The Border Terrier is born with the animal instinct to kill small animals. This leads to the Terriers destroying toys that would be similar to a small rodent, therefore strong toys should be purchased to keep the dog happy.

The Border Terrier was bred in order for hunting small animals In England/Scotland area and because of this have problems. The first type of terrier is of old blood, and originated in the 1860′s. The Border Terrier is not a popular breed to work as a hunting dog. It is in comparison with other dogs that are preferred in the hunting work world. Border Terriers are on the top 10 breeds ranked to hunt, but is not used commonly for this practice.

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