Bull Terriers

The Bull Terriers temperament is generally pretty friendly and does well with lots of attention. This breed is also very smart and needs lots of stimulation. Bull Terriers crave human companionship and want to be active therefore it is not a good idea to leave the animal alone for long periods of time. Being left alone the dog can become bored and start to destroy its surroundings which are possible because they have very strong jaws.

Bull Terriers appearance, the dogs are very well built and have lots of muscle definition. The purest of the pure color of the breed is white, any other color the dog may have is not ideal. The most unique feature of the Bull Terrier is its head. It is cylinder shaped through to the nose with no stopping, leading way to the strong jaw. The eyes of the dog are small and triangular shape with a dark color and are unique to the Bull Terrier breed. The tail is long and is carried out and away from the body. Bull Terriers have a strong body build and big rounded shoulders which contribute to the nick name of gladiator. The Bull Terrier is often confused with the American Pit Bull, because they do share similar origins. The average weight and size of the dog are not specific and range from 20-24 inches and 45 to 70 pounds.

Potential health problems associated with the Bull Terrier breed are deafness, skin allergies and skin conditions. Deafness can be checked by a veterinarian and can be relatively difficult to diagnose. Skin allergies result from different contacts with insects such as fleas and mosquitoes. This can cause the Terrier similar discomforts as humans would feel such as irritation, inching and inflation of the affected area.

The coat is a very important part of the Bull Terrier and is dense and can be kept shiny and well maintained by feeding it oils. The Bull Terrier desires lots of action and can be affected at a young age by too much exercise. The muscles can be overworked and cause strains and difficulty in adult dogs. In keeping with over indulgence of activity the animal can go the opposite way and over indulge in food and become over weight. This requires a strict eye on the care of this breed of dog. An excellent way to maintain the health of the dog is to check daily the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and teeth of the dog for infection.

The Bull Terrier is very popular because of its unique look and has been in many motion pictures and television series. This breed of dog is very strong willed and can be difficult to train for the inexperienced dog owner. Also it is one of the only breeds where the male and the bitch have a very different appearance.

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