English Bulldog Miniature

The Miniature Bulldog is happiest when it is with its owner. The Miniature Bulldogs rarely bark and will not get you into hot water with neighbors. The Miniature Bulldog is happy to stay at home and relax with a leisurely nap and doesn’t need a lot of space to get exercise. The Mini does well in apartments as it is not interested in being active and doesn’t initiate exercise without motivation from the owner.

Miniature Bulldogs are very loyal and enjoy being in a family atmosphere. It is necessary for the health maintenance of the animal to exercise. Exercise should be done daily from a young age to become accustomed to the dog into healthy living. The male dogs usually do not live as long as the bitches. Because of the appearance of the Miniature Bulldog it can scare away trouble but it is not common for Miniature Bulldogs to be thought of as a protector.

Miniature Bulldogs don’t do well in hot weather because of their flat faces. They do not have major problems with breathing, but the heat does increase the difficulty. Mini Bulldogs need the care and attention that you would give to a new born baby. The Mini is also known for its snoring, but contrary to popular belief doesn’t drool a lot, but can cause a mess while drinking water.

The appearance of the Miniature Bulldog is medium sized with a strong muscular build and a very attractive look. The coat of the animal is smooth and thick and is of certain colors. The colors range from red to white to mixes of all of these colors. The skin on the dog is tight to the body, but around the mouth and brow the skin is loose creating the appearance of folds. The ears are small and are wide set with the jaw being broad and strong in nature. The weight of the male range from 25 to 40 pounds and the weight of the bitches range from 25 to 38 pounds. The bitches do not develop as well as the males, and are not as impressive.

Miniature Bulldogs do not overheat like there bigger counterparts. They are more active and do not have as intense breathing problems as full size Bulldogs. Similar to other Bulldogs, Boxers, Boston Terriers, and Pugs it is necessary to clean the wrinkles and to do it often. The dogs do not show aggressive tendencies and can socialize with many other types of breeds. Mini’s also tend to live longer than a full sized Bulldogs.

All in all Miniature Bulldogs are all the fun of a full size Bulldog but without the trouble in the medical health department. The dogs have been bred to be smaller over the years and the health issues that are normally associated with Bulldogs and flat faced dogs have been bred out of the breed. This was accomplished by crossing the animals with pugs, French bulldogs and Boston Terriers.

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