English Bulldog

The name bulldog originated around 1567 and was used for numerous ancestors of modern bulldog breeds. English bulldogs were originally breed for bull baiting. Bull baiting was used as a form of entertainment in which a bulldog would try to suffocate a bull by latching onto the bull ring in it’s nose. Bull baiting was banned in 1835 and this feature of the bulldog was slowly breed out of it.

When bull baiting was banned bulldogs were then breed to become show dogs. The first dog show to have a class for bulldogs was Birmingham. Bulldogs today are still breed for show but most importantly to be very loyal family friendly pets.

The English bulldog has a short stout and very sturdy compact body. English bulldogs are best know for their short stocky bodies and wrinkly almost saggy skin on their face. English bulldogs come in several different color coats. A sign of a well bread bulldog is a short shiny smooth coat and stocky body.

A full grown English bulldog weighs about 55 – 70 pounds and measures from 12 inches to 15 inches. The appearance of the English bulldog is very unique thus making them a very popular pet.

Many people are under the impression that the English bulldog is a vicious dog and not family friendly but just the opposite is true. English bulldogs are very family friendly and generally get along with other dogs as well. They have no problem playing with children or being in a crowded environment.

The English bulldog is a great inside dog as it prefers and needs to be in cooler climates. Exposure to extended amount of time in the heat can be hazards for it’s health.

Bulldogs are not quite or good smelling pets. They tend to snore and breath very heavily making this something that you will need to get use to. English bulldogs also tend to pass gas very often and can have excessive drooling.

Bulldogs need to have daily physical exercise in order to maintain a healthy body. If not regularly exercised English bulldogs will begin to gain weight which could lead to other health problems. A well maintained English bulldog should go on to live a fulfilling life for an average of 10 years.

English bulldogs are prone to several health problems that you should be aware of. Hip dysplasia is the result of abnormal development of the hip joint while it is a puppy. Signs of hip displasia are limping, stiffing of the legs, bunny hopping when walking and a loss of muscle tone. Surgery is an option but it can be rather expensive.

English bulldogs often have breathing problems due to an elongated soft palate. This palate can be shorten by laser surgery and is not a major issue if addressed. Signs of an elongated soft palate are heavy raspy breathing, vomiting and the inability to calm down quickly after activity.

Cherry eye or third eyelid eversion is another common problem among bulldogs. This occurs when the tear production of an eye fails causing it to dry out. The result is a red puffy looking mass protruding out of the eye. This can easily be treated with a topical ointment.

English bulldogs will need to have the folds in their faces cleaned at least once a week to avoid infections caused by dirt and moisture. It is recommend to brush their teeth daily with a regular bristle human tooth brush using veterinary approved toothpaste.

As with any dog the English bulldog will need love, attention and general maintenance. The English bulldog is an exceptional family pet and will lead to a life long companion.

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