French Bulldog

The French Bulldog being of a mix of the Bull and Terrier breeds are therefore able to develop aggressive tendencies. The French bulldog temperament is mild, and generally has a happy personality. They are very entertaining dogs and enjoy being cuddled. The French Bulldog is not meant for rough play with small children as they are surprisingly heavier than their stout appearance may imply and may cause the dogs to show aggression. They do well with the proper training and make lovely additions to any family. The French Bulldog may be a little more difficult to train, but with a worthy effort the animals can join any family, even with small children.

The breed is known for their flat face appearance, and as a result of this physical trait, the dogs do have respiratory problems. French Bulldogs have flat faces, small but strong bodies, pointed ears, and a strong frame. The Bulldogs coloring varies from black to a mouse grey to a reddish brown. Stripping can also occur in the dogs creating a mixed look. The average weight should be between 14 and 28 pounds, with the size in correspondence to the weight for a healthy Frenchie.

The health problems associated with French Bulldog relate directly to their appearance. The bulging eyes can result in major eye infections such as Cherry Eye, which is from moisture developing in the folds of the eye. This can be avoided by consistent cleaning of the folds. Other afflictions resulting from the animal’s flat face are soft palate or cleft palate. Unfortunate dogs born with the cleft palate are euthanized as they would have no chance at a quality life, and animals with the soft palate usually have difficulty breathing and can faint from small amounts of exercise. Also the dogs can suffer from malformations of the esophagus and corresponding disorders. This means that the dogs can vomit after light exercise or excessive eating.

Spinal development issues can arise and sometimes cause problems, but in majority of cases French Bulldogs can live a happy normal life without medical intervention. Thyroid problems can occur and affect the bitch’s heats. The bitch’s are also often in need of cesarean section when giving birth as their bodies are very small. There is testing available through reputable breeders to check for all of the above mentioned conditions, which can save the new owner significant amounts of money on veterinary bills.

The life expectancy of the French Bulldog breed is from 10 to 12 years. Living in cooler climates is the best for the Frenchie, and hot climates can overheat the dog and cause strokes. Activity levels range in this dog depending on the personality. The dog will do well in an apartment atmosphere as it doesn’t need a lot of room. Also French Bulldogs are not loud or noisy dogs, so they are agreeable with neighbors. There is not a lot of shedding associated with this dog, and with regular grooming should not be an issue.

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