Irish Terrier

The coloring of the Irish Terrier is usually gold, red, brown or a mix of all of the above colors. There is often white patches found on the chest of the dog, and although it is common, white is not acceptable on any other part of the body. As the Irish Terrier gets older the hair will lighten and turn gray on different parts of the body. The outer part of the coat is harsh in texture, and is strait.

The undercoat is smooth and is softer than the outer coat. The wiry coat is never curly or wavy or wooly, but is a good protector of the dog. The undercoat is also red, and is difficult for the regular person to notice. When it is parted in the middle the skin is not easy to see. Irish Terriers tend to have beards that are of the red color giving them the appearance of old men. It’s eyes are dark and brown and are very small. They are also accompanied by eyebrows to further give the appearance of an old man. The height of both the bitches and the males are 48 to 53 centimeters tall. The weight is generally 25 to 27 pound for males, while bitches can get as heavy as 30 to 36 pounds.

The Irish Terrier is vibrant and has lots of energy but is not overactive. He should be able to react to each environment, if the mood is aroused the dog will be active. IF the mood is relaxed, the Irish Terrier can be relaxed the same. Terriers love children and are good at tolerating rough play by children. The Irish Terrier best responds to a firm hand that is both consistent and intelligent.

The Irish Terrier should never be shown violence, and should be trained by a calm and strong person. These dogs are very dominant with other dogs, and will try to be the leader of the pack. The dogs can have problems with other male dogs and can show aggression. The Irish Terrier can make excellent guard dogs, and have the instincts to protect its space and family. The dogs need to be socialized at a young age to ensure that they have good skills to interact with not only other dogs, but children, and strangers.

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