Lakeland Terrier

The Lakeland Terrier is a breed of strong working dogs bred in the early 18th century in England. It’s height on average is 14 inches for both the males and the bitches. The average weight is 17 pounds for again both the males and the bitches. It has a thick coarse coat that is wiry to the touch. The top coat is hard and strong, and the undercoat is soft and smooth.

The Lakeland Terrier coloring ranges from blue and black to browns with reds. Maintenance of the Lakeland Terriers coat consists of brushing weekly and stripping every couple months. The body shape of the Lakeland Terrier is small and strong like a working dog. The body is slim which allows it to squeeze into tight spots to capture its prey. It has a long neck and strong legs that help in glide over rocky patches on the ground with ease. The head of this dog is rectangular in shape with a strong jaw for catching rodents. The eyes are small dark colored with the nose and pads of the feet being black.

The color of the Lakeland Terrier was not important to their owners who bred them for their work ethic. The color was as long as the dogs were strong enough to handle the pain given by the foxes in their rocky mountain homes. It was much later that big gaggles of dogs were together, and they were continuously used because of their bravery when pursuing foxes and otters.

The Lakeland Terrier although bred for work and was used in hunting, was bred in the beginning to protect herds of sheep by killing foxes. The dog breeds were bred to hunt and kill foxes that attacked livestock herds. There were usually a few of these dogs in the packs of dogs that protected the herd to full embrace their abilities in a large mass. Also the dogs were bred for hunting small animals, and keeping barns and properties clear of rodents. The Lakeland Terrier today is bred mostly as a companion and a show dog.

The Lakeland Terrier breed is happy in its temperament, and has a very good sense of humor. The Lakeland Terrier is very tenacious and is able to live in many different living situations. This dog is a little selfish and likes to be of the sole attention of the owner. The dog is full of energy a star, and has tons of fun playing. It is a good family dog as it has lots of energy to burn, and can entertain itself and the kids out after hours of play. The dogs show great confidence, and it is very rare that the breed would show over aggressiveness or intimidation of other animals or with people. Lakeland Terrier dogs also express a quick ability to learn and train.

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