Manchester Terrier

IN the early 1800’s the dog we know today had evolved from those of olden times. The Manchester Terrier has a long nose, a narrow skull and small electric eyes, with a big chest and simple coloring of black and brown. This constant appearance has been for at least 200 years.

There are two varieties of the Manchester Terrier, the Toy Manchester Terrier and the Standard. The toys for both males and bitches are less than 12 pounds. The standard weight for both the males and the bitches is 12 to 22 pounds. There are three types of ears associated with this dog is stand up, button or cropped. The size of the ears depends on the size of the dog, but even thought size is a factor both the standard and the toy should have similar appearances.

The Manchester Terrier originated in England, hence the name Manchester after the city of Manchester. It was used as a rat, rabbit, and other small animal hunter. It was used both in sport and in necessity. The dog was also cross bred with Whippet to produce a spunkier dog that is better suited to the sport. This cross was very successful and resulted in the Manchester terrier that we know. The ears were cropped in the early days for the reason of not getting ripped in fights that the dogs were often involved in. This also ended up enhancing the appearance of the dogs, and was kept on as a grooming technique for the Manchester Terrier. Rat killing was eventually made illegal in England, and the dogs popularity grew as an option. The people often kept kennels to keep up with the rapid infestation in England.

The Manchester Terriers are very accomplished sports dogs. They still today compete and kill small other game similarly with dogs that hunt. This dog is very able to swim, and is not shy to attack or play in the water. Although this Irish Terrier is commonly accustomed to hunting smaller game it has also been known to accompany on big game hunts and they have been quite successful.

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