Olde English Bulldog

The Olde English Bulldogge is a recent introduction to an old breed that was in existence in England in the 1800’s. It is also referred to today as the Old English Bulldog because it is a reincarnation of an extinct breed of dog. These dogs are in relation to the other Bull breeds that exist today including the English Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Bulldog.

Olde English Bulldogs were bred to take part in the sport of bull baiting, hence the name BULL. Bull baiting was essentially stalking a bull and than getting the dogs to attack it. This was a sport of courage and agility and these were the necessary attributes to be successful in the so called sport.

The modern Olde English Bulldogge is a reincarnation of the “Regency Period Bull Baiter”. The Olde English Bulldogges were made by a man around the 1970’s. He used a charted course of breeding to recreate the Old Bulldog of times past. The breed was developed by crossing ½ English bulldog, 1/6th Bull Mastiff, 1/6th American Pit Bull Terrier, and 1/6th American Bulldog. These breeds were strategically planned and mixed to create the Olde English Bulldogge we know today.

In the early 1980s breeders became more interested in breeding this special newly revived type of dog. The dogs started popping up at shows around the country and slowly gained fame and notoriety. Through the work of the breeders the dogs slowly came into new glory. Also because of the success at the shows many more breeders took interest in the Olde English Bulldog.

This particular breed is an excellent guard dog. some dog grooming is required but It has excellent health is extremely active and has the temperament of a dog who likes to work hard. The dog has the he mental prowess of the original breed of dog from the 1800’s and has many of the attributes of the original breed that it was modeled after. The only main difference from the original breed of dogs and today’s version is the tail; the tail is full pump handle tail. The goal of breeders today is to maintain and increase the health of the Olde English Bulldog and to ensure it longevity. These breeds are here to ensure that extinction does not come into play again for the Olde English Bulldog.

The appearance of the Olde English Bulldog is one of strength and intelligence. The body is strong and straight creating a look of muscle definition in the stance of the animal. The head of the dog is large and features wide set eyes, wrinkled forehead and a strong jaw. The eyes touch the outer bridge of the skull. The coat is usually thick and short with colors varying from red to white to brown and all the colors in between. Male’s heights range from 17 to 20 inches while bitches are between 15 to 19 inches. The general weight of the male is 60-80 pounds while the general weight of the bitches are between 45 to 70 pounds.

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