Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terriers have the outer coat which is wiry and harsh, and the undercoat which is generally soft. The coat is kept shaggy and trimmed and blended together to create a flowing look. There is longer hair kept in the beard, eyebrow and leg area to creating a flowing sensation when the animal walks. The colors range from grey to dark black and with a variation of all the colors in between. These dogs like most terriers are very smart and quick, as they to be bred as ratters. The Scottish Terrier are very confident and are able to sustain a lot as they are very determined. This breed is considered to be very loyal to their owners, even in comparison with other breeds.

The Scottish Terrier is lovable but stubborn and need a firm hand in their rearing. This dog if not controlled from an early age will run your house. These dogs can also be seen as detached from situations even though they do care a great deal for their family. They commonalty associate more with a couple people in their family and harbor closer relationships. The dog is also sensitive to its surroundings and it can affect the mood of the home. The Scottish Terrier is a good protector but is not aggressive with strangers, but can be with other dogs. It is a fearless dog and can have problems with other dogs if not socialized at an early age. Because this dog is a ratter it is prone to dig and chase smaller animals.

Th Scottish Terrier is fairly healthy and doesn’t have many dangerous things that can cause the owner problems. It has the ability to live usually between 11 to 13 years on average. The common ailments that can occur with the Scottish Terrier are Willebrand disease, craniomandibular osteopath, scottie cram, patellar luxation, and cerebellar abiotrophy, all which can be identified at an early age with DNA testing.

The Scottish Terrier being one of the oldest Highland terriers has a lineage closely matched with that of the Norfolk Terrier of the same region. This dog has ancestor ranging back to the 16th century. It is famous throughout history, and is commonly found in old stories and artwork of that era. The Scottie even had its place with royalty being used by King James the 6th and therefore increased their favorability throughout the world.

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