Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a confident dog who loves people. It is very loyal to its family and is very accepting of strangers. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are very energetic and need lots of exercise to maintain its happy personality. The Staffie has another name the “keg on legs” nick name has to do with its stocky build. The Staffordshire Bull Terriers body is muscular and has a natural athletic ability with strong extremities. The muscles are very strong for its size, and this makes the Staffordshire a very courageous character. The color of the coat is black and tan; other colors can occur but is not common. The dog’s height on average for both males and bitches are 14 to 16 inches. Also the weight for both males and bitches on averages weigh 24 to 38 pounds.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a very intelligent and investigative dog, which is an excellent attribute paired with their fearlessness. This dog is also known as a “nanny dog” because of its tendency to be reliable. The dog because of its ancestry is also prone to fighting, and has a tremendous amount of aggression to other dogs. A dog even with a good attitude can fight if put in contact with another dog. This is a good reason it is necessary to control the breed in public places where other dogs may not have problems. Toys are excellent ways to distract a dog that may have potential problems with other dogs in the public setting.

The owners of these special dogs need to make sure that they are kept properly controlled and maintained in a safe environment to not encourage aggressive behavior.  You can use certain dog toys for behavior control Staffordshire Bull Terriers should not be allowed to roam free and instead need secure housing to ensure against no possible problems with neighbors or their families. Even though a Staffie may be aggressive to other dogs it can be completely safe with people. Breeders have recognized that Staffies can have temperament issues, and are now working towards breeding dogs with mild tempers. In doing regular visits with other dogs the Staffie can become more comfortable with the idea and be more sociable with other animals. This is beneficial when there is more than one et in the home. Also this is beneficial for their behavior when in family settings with more than one animal and with children.

In the past in the 1800’s the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed were used in bloodspots such as bull and bear baiting. The dogs were also used in dog fights because of their aggressive nature towards other animals. These dogs are very easy to train, and can go good or bad based on the owners intentions.

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