Welsh Terrier

The Welsh Terrier is a healthy breed of dog with no common illnesses affecting it. The breed is unique in the sense that it has two layers of fur. One layer that is an undercoat and another that insulates against the cold. The other layer of fur is a topcoat and it is coarse and protects the Welsh Terrier against the elements.

The average height of the Welsh Terrier both male and bitches is 15 inches. The average weight is 20 pounds for both the male and bitches. The colors of the coat are black and brown with red and black marts. White also occurs on the breast of the dogs. The dog’s temperament is happy and they get along with children and will follow children as they play. The dogs do have endless energy so it is not uncommon for the child to tire out before the dog and this is the time where adults need to intervene so as the dog doesn’t overstep its boundaries.

The Welsh Terrier is very obedient and loyal. The dogs require lots of exercise and need lots of attention to burn through their energy bank which rarely occurs. This dog is an excellent companion for someone who wants to have a jogging buddy or does lots of out doors activities. The Welsh Terrier can live in either the city or the country but has excellent temperament to live in the country.

The hunting desire is strong and living in the country would be perfect for these dogs as they need interesting things to do all day. It is a good idea for them to have wide open spaces as it is often difficult for the owner to keep them occupied all day. The personality of the Welsh Terrier is intelligent, lively and never intimidated by other people or animals.

The care of this breed is considerable considering the thickness of the coat. The nick name is also called the Stripping Breed and not because of their night job. It gained this name because it is necessary to strip the dogs hair as it is not possible to cut because it is curly and wiry. Stripping consists of plucking by hand the longer hairs. The Welsh Terrier need consistent grooming because of the thick coat. If you own a Welsh Terrier the breeder from whom you purchased can usually recommend a stripper who can groom your dog because if it is not done correctly it can indefinitely mar the appearance of your dog.

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