West Highland Terrier

West Highland Terriers have a medium sturdy body. The males and the bitches generally weigh about 15 to 22 pounds. The average height for both the males and the bitches ranges from 9 to 12 inches. They are usually carriers of a carrot shaped tail, that shouldn’t be docked as they are help up strait. The tails are longer and for both males and bitches can be between 5 to 6 inches long. West Highland Terriers also have muscular extremities that are compact. The jaw of the West Highland Terrier is very strong, and their teeth are very large for the size of the dog. The breeds ears are half stand up half floppy. The ears should be more in the stand up position for dog shows. The eyes of the Westie are small and bright. With the combination of the pointed ears and the deep set eyes the dogs appear very alert and ready for action.

The coat of the West Highland Terrier is soft and thick. The coat needs regular grooming because the rough outer coat needs to be 2 inches long. The coats are generally all white, and if there is any discoloration leaning towards the browns on their back or their feet the dogs are not ideal for dog shows. A popular choice to style the West Highland Terriers hair is to give the appearance of a lions mane around the head and face, but the rest of the coat is kept short. A neat little fact about Westies is that their feet are webbed, and is only noticed when the owner grooms the feet.

Use proper dog collars for these dogs. This breed is related to the working Terrier breeds. They are hunters of smaller rodent like animals such as rabbits and squirrels. This is an excellent job for the West Highland Terrier because they have a lot of energies and spunk. The dogs usually show a lot of aggression towards their prey when they are on the hunt. The West Highland Terrier has a very strong temperament and even though they are smaller dogs they have a big dog attitude.

West Highland Terriers have the tendency to think they guard dogs and will patrol their space religiously, even though they don’t have any real imposing attributes to scare away strangers. These dogs can be very possessive of their things, their owners, and their toys. If the West Highland Terrier is involved with any of the three previously mentioned items, and their tails are down and ears back be wary as they will potentially be provoked and can bite or growl to ward off people who annoy them.

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